Making Aviation Green

By electrifying aviation and using green produced electricity, we can turn aviation around from being very much yelled at in the public and medias for its pollution per passenger, to become the least polluting mode of transportation, because in contrast to all land-based modes of transportation, aviation does not need physical infrastructure between its departure and arrival points.
No need of roads, rails, tunnels, bridges etc., which all require wast amount of natural resources, concrete etc. to build and maintain.

Emission Pollution

Total CO2 life-cycle footprint, meaning CO2 emissions from operating the flight plus production & maintenance of aircraft and infrastructure, i.e. from Cradle-to-Grave calculation. (pkm = passenger kilometer)
eVTOL / eSTOL 13g/pkm
Electric Train 18g/pkm
ICE car 142g/pkm
Electric car 31g/pkm
Airline 189g/pkm

Noise Pollution

Noise level in dB(A) at real-life distance to source of noise, for example a pedestrians distance to takeoff area of an eVTOL / eSTOL.

eVTOL / eSTOL overflight non-audible
eVTOL / eSTOL take-off 60dB(A)
Electric Train 80db(a)
ICE car 75db(a)
Electric car 75db(a)
Airline overflight non-audible
Airline take-off 85db(a)

Data is based on a wide selection of publicly available sources we have collected, analyzed and adapted over the years.